Working Stations

The P.V. Plast working station is one the most unique process systems in Israel, fully developed by the company in order to serve groundbreaking R&D experts and provide them with a new kind of solution.


The working stations are being used for wet processes in a clean environment, following strict quality and safety requirements and combining raw materials and finishing that make them highly resistant to dangerous chemicals.


The stations are made of Polyproline Sulfide (PPS) and can be easily combined with versatile equipment to fully suit the process requirements.


Offered equipment in the working stations:

  • Photoresist and drying spinner
  • Baths, usually heated, made of selected materials
  • Heating plates
  • Spinning pumps
  • Pneumatic valves
  • Supply devices for distilled water and nitrogen
  • Sewage collection Systems
  • Ventilation systems
  • Command and control systems
  • Supply piping
  • Digital controller, conductivity meter and PLC controllers
  • Main Control panel