Furniture Systems

Unique design and development of a modular laboratory furniture collection, provides the company with a high level of flexibility when customizing each laboratory to its process. P.V. Plast furniture systems are designed for the main purpose of providing all end users with an effective work environment, such that perfectly fulfills their R&D goals.


The visual appearance of the laboratory is affected by colors and shapes requested by an external architect or the laboratory manager, in cooperation with the company’s engineering professionals.


The company’s unique engineering mechanism allows its clients to be involved in the laboratory design process from the very beginning, providing creative and down-to-earth solutions to all challenges and constraints. An accumulated experience of over 40 years plays a major part in reaching the optimal customization of the laboratory work environment.


Among the furniture systems the company designs, produces and provides are:

  •  Working surfaces made of numerous raw materials
  • Tables and working stations
  • Storage and drawers systems
  • Standard and ventilated cabinets for chemical storage
  • Plumbing pipes
  • Sinks
  • Draining cups
  • Safety devices
  • Drying boards
  • HPL Furniture uniquely designed for clean rooms