Chemical Hood

The company designs, manufactures and supplies a wide range of fully equipped, ready-to-use chemical fume hoods, customized specifically for the client’s needs. P.V. Plast fume hoods are designed and produced in compliance with the quality and safety regulations of the American standard (ASHRAE-110), the European standard (EN-14175) and the Israeli standard (IL-1839).

The company’s cutting-edge design and manufacturing abilities allow for a unique flexibility in the fume hoods design, the selection of raw materials, the systems and equipment settings and the customization of the fume hoods to the facility’s existing or desired work environment.

P.V Plast offers a wide range of complementary accessories and equipment for the fume hoods, according to requirement and process:

  • Various work surfaces made of different raw materials
  • Electric/manual protective windows
  • Process valves
  • Draining cups and sinks
  • Plumbing connections
  • Electric instruments
  • Electrical command and control panels
  • Blowers and suction ducts