Food and Beverages

Changes in the western food consumption culture, along with advanced technological developments through all stages of the supply chain , have placed the food & beverages industry at the forefront of global innovation, research and development.

For decades, Katz Group stands among the leading Israeli companies in designing, building and maintaining food & beverages factories, and has gained years of experience in setting up advanced manufacturing facilities for a wide range of local and international manufacturers, while complying with the strictest quality & safety standards.

Katz Group has made it its mission to be an active and leading partner in promoting the Israeli foodtech industry, and among its clients and partners are revolutionary startups, technological incubators and different venture capital funds.

Through the years of its operations, the Group has been involved in the establishment of versatile projects in the food & beverages industry, including dairies, breweries, chocolate, candy and ice cream factories, beverages, salads, eggs and frozen food factories and more.

In addition, the Group specializes in planning and execution of food laboratories, R&D facilities and pilot factories, and is constantly working with academic institutions and progressive research institutions.