The advanced microelectronics industry requires precise and optimal production conditions, and its frequent technological innovations give great value to the understanding of the manufacturing processes and the required work environment.

Katz Group has years of accumulated experience in setting up manufacturing infrastructures and systems in the electronics and semiconductor field.

Strong project managers and execution teams lead the Group in its progress and growth, providing every client with comprehensive and tailor-made solutions that combine multiple professional disciplines.

The Group’s complementary capabilities and services provided by each of its companies, enable its clients to enjoy comprehensive engineering and execution solutions, including the design, construction and installation of clean rooms, laboratories, high purity and CFOS piping systems for gas and water conduction (PW/UPW/WFI), infrastructure works (Base-Build), Tool Install and more.

The Group possesses quality and safety teams on site at all times, in order to ensure the highest standards required in this industry. Katz’s strict safety policy is known for its effectiveness and is applied on site constantly and consistently.