Safety and Quality


Katz Group is committed to proactively and relentlessly provide its employees,
suppliers, clients and partners with the safest occupational environment.

The group’s safety policy is assimilated and implemented by a wide range of processes, management mechanisms, means of audit, measurement and improvement, with the aim of rooting safety at work as an everyday culture among all functionaries.

The group’s safety department is deeply involved in the day-to-day operations, throughout all phases and with a forward-looking vision, in order to ensure that all possible risk are addressed and treated to the highest standards.

Throughout its years of activity, the group has excelled in its activities in the field of safety and has won numerous awards and certificates of excellence.



All of Katz Group products are accompanied by strict quality control processes throughout all phases of production and supply chain. The group companies diligently implement the quality procedures required to meet the relevant local and international standards.

The group operates experienced quality teams that ensure the ongoing assimilation of its quality policy, and provide their customers with various quality services, including preparation of facility and documentation files, periodic inspections and validation for industrial facilities.




ISO Certificates