The Israeli medical cannabis market evolves rapidly, and its demand for designated industrial facilities is growing by the minute. The drying, extraction, production and packaging facilities in the cannabis industry are required to fully comply with the pharmaceutical industry quality standards, thus creating the need for significant knowledge and experience in order to design and execute them properly.

Over the past several years, Katz Group has been at the forefront the Israeli cannabis operations, supplying its clientele with comprehensive design & build services throughout all stages of the value chain. The Group accumulated an extensive experience and was involved in dozens of medical cannabis projects at different levels, from R&D laboratories, through the construction of clean rooms for production, extraction and packaging needs, various production structures and to the design and construction of an entire proudction plant.

Our engineering teams possess unique expertise in designing medical cannabis facilities in full compliance with IMC-GMP&EU-GMP standards required for obtaining the approval of the Medical Cannabis Unit in the Israeli Ministry of Health.

The Group collaborates with the largest medical cannabis companies in Israel and takes an active and ongoing part in the local cannabis ecosystem.