About Us

Katz Group provides end-to-end turnkey services for multi-disciplinary industrial projects, accommodating its clients and partners with innovative, efficient and unique solutions in light of their mission and vision.



Applying a process-oriented approach toward industrial projects, Katz Group works directly with its clients, providing them with design, execution, project management, supervision and maintenance services, all under the same roof and without the need of any third party.



Since its foundation in 1978 as a small-sized contractor, Katz Group had maintained its growth and currently consists of four privately held companies: Katz Arie Stainless Steel, Katz Stainless USA, A.D. Clean Rooms and P.V. Plast.



The Companies work together and integrate their complementary skills, operating mainly within the pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, medical device, biotechnology, cannabis, chemistry, desalination, water treatment and food & beverages industries, locally and internationally.



Katz Group provides top-tier clients with a wide range of products and services, including design, manufacture, assembly and maintenance of factories, laboratories, clean rooms and complex industrial structures and processes through all of their life cycle.



Since its foundation, Katz Group has been proud of its deep connection with its people, perceiving them as its key factor for success and empowering their progress and welfare – both personally and professionally.



For more than 40 years, Katz Group has been pursuing excellence in quality, safety and environmental protection in its areas of practice, and consistently broadening its acquired skills and know-how.