Biological Hood

The company supplies SAFZONE biosafety cabinets made by YAKOS, at a TYPE II safety standard, providing a clean working space and biological protection for the user. The SAFZONE unit complies with the EN12469 standard and provides its users with a variety of benefits, including:

  • Optimal protection level – due to double sided panels surrounding the entire workspace and preventing leakage by creating a protection screen in low atmospheric pressure.
  • Easy control of noise level – homogenic air distribution around the workspace allows low and comfortable noise levels.
  • Class 100 cleanliness level – created by equally distributed air flow which prevents any turbulence that could damage the cleanliness level.
  • Automati control – the unit comprise an automatic flow control mechanism, controlled by an ECM computer and maintains a fixed standard flow.
  • Failure alert – in the occurance of a failure in the bellow or the filtering system, the unit alert system notifies its users automatically.