Desalination and Water Treatment

Katz Group stands among the pioneers of the Israeli desalination industry and was the first to train its people to ongoing fabrication and installation of systems, facilities and factories for water desalination and treatment processes. Over the years, the Group took part in the construction and maintenance of numerous desalination facilities in Israel, Cyprus and South America.

The Group employs professional field teams who specialize in the execution of the required piping & machinery systems for reverse osmosis processes, energy utilization and successful operation of the entire facility. Setting up these systems involves using noble metals and alloy (SMO, Duplex, Super Duplex, Titanium), and operating them requires a consistent and prolonged tolerance for high pressures and strong corrosion conditions.

Additionally, the Group has accumulated years of experience in the design & execution of high purity systems for water purification and treatment, that are being used by the pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and food industries, including water for injection systems (WFI), purified and ultra-purified water systems and (PW/UPW) and clean in place (CIP) systems.