Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfection

As part of its comprehensive services package for clean rooms and sterile spaces, the company’s Service Department provides Hydrogen Peroxide disinfection services for a wide range of customers and industries.


The disinfection process is conducted as a periodic procedure or upon demand, providing effective solution for a variety of scenarios:

  • The presence of various types of contaminants in the space that may impair its operations or cause cross-contamination
  • The presence of harmful pathogens and organisms that risk the clean room users
  • Need to neutralize odors
  • Need for chemical pesticides, such as fumigation

Hypro Technical made by the Belgian Hymetec, active ingredient H2O2 in a concentration level of 7%.

Maximum efficacy time according to NF T 72-281 standard at a concentration of 7ml/m3:

  • Bacteria: 30 minutes
  • Yeast: 15 minutes
  • Viruses: 60 minutes
  • Fungi and spores: 120 minutes

HySpray made by the Belgian Hymetec, a compact and portable device, which enables effective and homogeneous disinfection of bacteria, viruses, spores and fungi on corrosion-free surfaces.

The device allows disinfection of inaccessible spots and is equipped with an electronic control panel that determines the amount of material sprayed in the space.