Project Execution

Execution Management


The company provides extensive construction services for factories and R&D facilities, including all required disciplines and complementary systems. That includes full interior construction, infrastructures, HVAC systems, process piping systems, electromechanical systems, electricity, instrumentation and control, fire protection and detection and exhaust systems.


The project execution department of the company lead its projects with full responsibility using the Turnkey method, and leans on a strong basis of field experience, engineering, multidisciplinary knowledge and reliable sub-contractors. The execution works take place while maintaining an ongoing connection and full cooperation with the engineering teams, in a manner which prevents discrepancies between planning and execution stages.


A.D. Clean Rooms organic project managers lead the execution of the projects throughout all construction stages up until validation, activation and completion of the project, while consistently applying the company’s safety & quality policyin light of the strictest standards.


Clean Room Construction


A.D Clean Rooms offers a variety of solutions and construction services in full compatibility with the clean room type, required cleanliness classification and the client’s budget.
From HPL panels and door systems made by Delta2000 (Italy) for the pharmaceuticals and biotech industries, through aluminum/steel panels for the electronics industry, to cheaper systems that fulfil the clients’ requirements and objectives.


Furthermore, the company provides comprehensive solutions for the day-to-day work process, including various pass boxes for active or passive substances, machinery fitting, transparent walls systems, infrastructure surpassing and more.


The company manufactures and supplies T-BAR ceiling systems for clean rooms made of stamping aluminum, suited for ISO 8 to ISO 4 classifications, in two main versions:

  • T50 – suited for standard clean rooms
  • T70 – suited for walking and heavy-weight carrying


HVAC Systems


The heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are at the heart of the clean room construction, validation and certification processes, and their successful operation requires a high standard of presicion, planning and process know-how.


The planning, construction and activation of the HVAC systems are performed by experienced engineering and execution teams that operate at all times in light of the process and the highest industry standards..


The company has accumulated rich experience in building large-scale R&D and manufacturing spaces that successfully meet complicated and challenging requirements, including high and low atmospheric pressure, reaching required humidity conditions and temperature rates at high or standard accuracy level, nonexplosive spaces and mechanisms, processes involving potent substances and more.