Engineering Solutions – Performing Validation for Smart Factories

Engineering Solutions, Performing
Validation for Smart Factories

Katz Group

The Katz Group currently includes three companies each specializing in a certain line of business that complement each other in forming a select team that executes engineering projects in the fields of design, construction and validation in industry with emphasis on clean industries.

Katz Arie Stainless Steel Ltd.

Operates in the following industries:
Microelectronics, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, clean chemistry (wipes, cosmetics), water treatment and desalination.

A.D. Clean Rooms Ltd.

specializes in turnkey projects involving clean rooms and mechanical systems. Tailor-made mapping of needs, planning, construction and validation that provide custom-made solutions tailored for each and every customer.

P.V. Plast Ltd.

35 years of reputation and excellence in design, planning, development and manufacture of various products for the high-tech industry, the chemical industry, institutions of higher education and research institutes. Providing turnkey solutions for customers’ needs, with emphasis on strict finish and proven reliability.

Main office
Hayotzrim Street 22-24, Karmiel,
POB 1157, Zip code 21611
Tel. +972-4-9558330
Fax. +972-4-9558334

Southern branch
Kiryat Gat, Israel Pollack 3/2.
Tel. +972-8-6883661
Fax. +972-8-6883852

Haifa branch
Matam Industrial Park, Zoran Building.
Tel. +972-4-8332298
Fax. +972-4-8332293