Katz Arie Stainless Steel

Katz Arie, contracting company for piping work in the electronics, food, clean chemistry and water desalination industries.
The company was established in 1978 by Mr. Arie Katz who is still active in the company and currently has 150 permanent full-time employees.
The company performs piping and welding works, from a single weld to installation of an entire process plant. Specializing in works on all types of piping including stainless steel (manual and orbital), titanium, super duplex, SMO, plastic of all types, copper and iron.
The company carries out turnkey projects from the planning stages to the final quality tests in accordance with the quality standards required by the customer.

Company management is founded upon five core values:

Katz Arie Stainless Steel Co. management is committed to managing the strictest safety culture among its employees. The CEO is personally responsible for safety issues in the company. The company has won trophies and awards for its uncompromising upholding of safety standards.

The company believes in uncompromising high-quality work and is certified by the ISO-9001, 2008 standard, while its welders are certified according to ASME 9. The company employs a skilled, experienced quality-assurance team that reports directly to the CEO.

Katz Arie Stainless Steel Co. has long-standing customers that have been using its services continuously for many years. The company’s ability to respond immediately to its customers’ special has become a trademark.

Employee welfare
Katz Arie Stainless Steel Co. is a family company managed in a family atmosphere with emphasis on employees’ welfare and health. The management’s open door policy promotes a prompt response to employees’ personal problems. The company is known for its special treatment of veteran employees, some of whom have been with the company for over 35 years.

Professional expertise
Company employees regularly take advanced professional courses with emphasis on cross-training in all disciplines to enable employment flexibility at all times.